Clarissa is an oral contraceptive specially designed for young women because it is very effective in reducing the physical and emotional symptoms linked to the menstrual period.

Its latest generation formula helps balance the hormonal imbalances typical of adolescence, reducing the appearance of acne and seborrhoea, symptoms linked to dysmenorrhoea, mood swings, irritability, etc.


Brand Content

Clarissa is a pill capable of reducing physical and emotional symptoms.

Because it understands the concerns of young women nowadays;
Because it care about young women well-being every day;
Because it realize that each of them feels the menstruation differently;

And because it solves all these problems, Clarissa is a contraceptive tailored to each women.


All the benefits presented in the pill are represented on each caracter taking all young concerns beyond the way they dress and convictions.

A medical Literature was designed with a rotating device where each benefit is presented by each character.

Clarissa Literatura
Clarissa Literatura
Clarissa cabides

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