A Real Estate project.
Fabrica, to be constructed in Amial, will relive to tell it’s old stories and the new being the heart and personification of all the trend makers – not only millennial but all those who want to embrace a lifestyle mixing the old and the new, comfort and and excitement, business and family, knowledge and fun. They are makers. Trend makers, home makers, business makers, knowledge makers.



A project with multiple façades, needs a logo with multiple faces. In order to communicate with different targets, we created a dynamic visual identity. It’s several elements/versions will be perceived as the same family to ensure visual cohesion, however different elements will separate visually the different spaces and what they are used for.


If we are looking at windows, what will we see through them?

We will use the rectangles, witch represent windows, to convey the nature of the building along with colour combinations. The claim will also be a key point in this distinction, textualizing variety.

Marketing Strategy

Different stages of communication should be in place to brand and sales success, starting on brand architecture.

Content Management

Fábrica, in Portugese, conveys this spirit of “make it happen”. It will be the place which will dictate trends and new concepts of lifestyle.

Across all communication pieces a strong declaration is in place to appeal a revivalism and balance between work and personal life.


Mood communication across all brands focus on main message.

Fabrica Site

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